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Tony Le-Nguyen Actor/Writer/Director

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When the lights go down...

Romper Stomper

(1991; Geoffrey Wright, director)
Role: Tiger, credit as Tony Lee


Favorite Movie

Romper Stomper was one of the most contraversial film in Australian


Stingers 3 (Episode 66)
(2001; director: Grant Brown)
Role: Jim
Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Pty Ltd

Seachange Series III (Episode 37)
( 2001; director: Ian Watson)
Role: Van Nyu,
Artist Services Pty. Ltd., ABC TV

F.M. (Episode 2)
(1996; director: Chris Thompson)
Role: Van
Generation Films, ABC TV

G.P. (Episode 277)
(1995; director: Marcus North)
Role: Loc
Roadshow, Coote & Carroll, ABC TV

Paradise Beach (Episode 200, 207, 230)
(1994; Directors: Chris Langman, Leigh Spence)
Role: Keye
Roadshow, Coote & Carroll, GTV 9

The Damnation of Harvey MChugh
(1993; director: Amanda Smith)
Role: Male Cashier
ABC TV Drama, Melbourne. Australia

Secrets (Episode 12)
(1993; director: Gary Conway)
Role: Viet Source
ABC TV Drama, Melbourne, Australia

Australia's Most Wanted (Series 6)
Role: George
Grundy Australia Productions

The Letter
(1992; director: Alex Vellis)
Role: Phan
Balcony Productions, Melbourne, Australia

Fast Forward (Special)
An inquiry into the Australian Economy
(1992; Director: John Clarke)
Role: Ewojima
Artist Services, HSV 7

All Together Now (Episode 37)
(1991; director: Pino Amenta)
Role: Wildlife Officer
Telltale Films Pty Ltd, GTV 9.

Embassy (Episode 8)
(1991; director: Karl Steinberg)
Role: Nam
ABC TV Drama, Melbourne, Australia

The Boys from The Bush (Episode 1)
(1990; director: Rob Marchand)
Role: Driver
Entertainment Media, Cinema Verity

English At Work (Episode 22)
(1990; director: Mark Sanders)
Role: Thanh
SBS TV, Sydney, Australia.

Real Aussie Video (Program 2)
(1987; director: Tony Wright)
Role: Minh
Video Projects Pty Ltd Melbourne

The Sword Of Honour
(1985; Director: Pino Amenta)
Role: VC Boy
Simpson Le Mesurier Films, Melbourne